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Winter Olympics 2018 Promo

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Addictive Composer Spotlight: Daniel Vallberg
Daniel Vallberg

At the age of 3 Daniel showed an interest in the piano and by 14 his first tracks were published. Since then his vast variety of projects include making music for U.S. radio stations and composing production music. “I write music from the heart and try to tell a story. To discover that the person using my music heard that story is a lovely feeling.”
Listen to Daniel’s showreel below or click for all tracks.

Addictive promos

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Adrenaline Rush (from ADD073)


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ADD113 Chart Countdown

ADD104 Antiques & Country Homes

ADD097 Uplifting Stories 3

Working With Stems

Down At The Bottom (from ADD066)

Sideways (from ADD060)

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Park4U® Remote


L’Oréal Paris – #TAPTAP


Carrera Maverick feat. Jared Leto

Boots Thailand

The Time Of Their Lives Trailer (1st track)

Heineken feat. David Trezeguet


Paul Hewitt

Nordic Paper


Metro Ocean’s Seven

Life – Official Trailer (first 2 tracks)