Hold the horns!

You’re happy, the client is happy – but then the trumpets come in, just at the wrong moment!

With Addictive you’re in control

Simply import the Stems of the track into your editor and mute the trumpets until you’re ready to bring them back in.

So what is a Stem?

A stem is a single instrument or a group of instruments which make up the mix of a piece of music.

Will the Stems play in sync?

Absolutely. All the Stems play in perfect sync with each other and at the correct volume. Whether it’s the Submix or the Stems pack they will sound exactly the same as the full A mix; but with the added bonus that you can tweak the levels to make your own exclusive mix.

What is the Stems package?

The ‘Stems’ folder contains up to ten Stems; and in most cases each stem will be a single instrument or instrument group. This is designed for the editor who wishes to make more substantial changes and variations to the music – to take out certain instruments or simply change when they should start playing. A guitar that starts playing after 7 seconds may suit the pictures better if it comes in after 13 seconds, etc.

How many Stems are there for each Addictive title or piece of music?

It totally depends on the number of instruments playing on any specific piece. If it’s a jazz trio then there will be three Stems; if it’s a big cinematic arrangement with lots of instruments then there will be more. At Addictive we offer a maximum of ten Stems for the bigger arrangements.

And if I don’t want to use the Stems at all?

Then don’t! In every case we provide a stereo mix that’s good to go, an alternative ‘B mix’, a 30 second cut and a sting, often other versions too. Ready mixed or tweak it yourself – you choose according to the production and the track.

Any other questions?

Just drop us a line at info@addictivetracks.com

Addictive – What are stems?