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Trouble Down-Stream?

Full stream ahead?   The revolutionary music-streaming service Spotify has enjoyed a meteoric rise since 2008 and now boasts over forty million users worldwide, of whom a quarter are paid subscribers. With physical sales continuing to tumble as consumption habits change; in these austerity-stricken times even digital download sales are…
December 5, 2014

Bland Aid?

Bland Aid?   Thirty years on and Bob Geldof has rolled out the latest incarnation of his star-studded charity drive, Band Aid. The latest rework of Do They Know It's Christmas? is both a showcase of, and a gleaming opportunity for this generation's stars to cement their names in what…
November 26, 2014

Christmas Wrapping Secrets from Lush Cosmetics

It's almost that time of the year already! Our friends over at Lush Cosmetics are helping to prepare you for the festive season with this great video of innovative Christmassy wrapping ideas. Accompanied of course by one of our great tracks! Check out these top tips for making your Christmas…
October 30, 2014

There Is Now No Escape

Way back in 2010, we were all astonished by the sheer cheek and volume of product placement in Lady Gaga’s audacious ‘Telephone’ video. The 9-minute short film, sound-tracked by Gaga and Beyoncé’s chart smash featured products from Virgin Mobile to Coca-Cola and beyond, not at all subtly hidden. But last…
October 13, 2014

What is Feminism in the Music Industry?

Following Emma Watson's inspiring speech at the UN last week, the 'HeForShe’ campaign has now been launched worldwide. The young Hollywood star’s stirring speech, as part of her new role as UN Women goodwill ambassador, got me contemplating what exactly the music industry was doing to help (or not help)…
September 29, 2014

Referendum Respite

Referendum Respite If it wasn’t for the constant ups and downs of life's love affairs, it’s safe to say we would have far less of those guilty-pleasure, heartbroken relationship songs we all know and love. This week served up another very public bicker between two long-term partners, with our northern…
September 19, 2014

Did This Upset U2?

Did this upset U2?   While on my way in to Addictive Tracks HQ in Shoreditch one mid-September morning, I found myself browsing my iTunes music library and wondering how a U2 album I did not know existed had ended up in my playlist. It appeared that I had been…
September 17, 2014