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Referendum Respite

If it wasn’t for the constant ups and downs of life’s love affairs, it’s safe to say we would have far less of those guilty-pleasure, heartbroken relationship songs we all know and love.

This week served up another very public bicker between two long-term partners, with our northern neighbours of Scotland filing for divorce. Thankfully however, the dispute has been settled and we’ve agreed to put our differences aside…for now at least.

We found love

The Scots have made a huge contribution to the UK music scene over the decades, from The Proclaimers and their profoundly Scottish quirkiness to current stars such as Calvin Harris and Paolo Nutini, both of whom have had hugely successful years thus far.

But if Scotland had voted yes, the knock-on effects would have certainly included losing out on our justifiable pride for all Scottish “UK” artists and their accomplishments…far from desirable.

I mean how on earth would the London 2012 Olympics organisers have coped had they not been able to wheel out Emeli Sandé at what seemed like every single fathomable opportunity?! Don’t even get me started on the chaos that would have ensued had the bagpiper not been ever-present outside Selfridges this Christmas.

“It’s complicated”

If we really want to get serious, what about Eurovision?! Surely a break-up would have meant separate entries to the esteemed talent showcase and if it wasn’t for the likes of LuLu and her ‘Boom Bang-a-Banging’ performance back in ’69, we’d have one less Eurovision title to add to our beloved trophy cabinet.

Okay, so as facetious as a lot of this may sound, the UK is definitely better off as a result of the referendum results. Certainly all the A-list musicians, including Mick Jagger and Cliff Richard, who signed the open letter pleading for Scotland to “stay with us” back in August will join us in our (maybe-not-completely) widespread relief.

God Save the Queen!